Famous Singers from Swansea

Famous Singers from Swansea

We love to inspire our singing pupils at Singing Lessons Swansea of singings, bands and musicians that have started out here in our city and gone on to make an international names for themselves. Indeed we have much to be proud about here in Swansea having produced some internationally famous musicians selling hundreds of thousands of albums between them and packing out gigs globally! Here is a few of Swansea's most successful musicians, enjoy!

Badfinger signed to The Beatles Apple record label in 1968 as The Iveys before changing their name to Badfinger the following year. The achieved international fame yet the band is well known for the personal, financial and emotional loss that destroyed the band on multiple occasions with two of the band members committing suicide over management and financial issues. Nonetheless, Badfinger had four consecutive worldwide hits in 1970 and 1971: Come and Get It (written and produced by Paul McCartney), No Matter What, Day After Day, and Baby Blue and rose to become extremely popular in the American market. Certainly Swansea's most successful rock band of all time selling millions of albums globally Badfinger have reunited (and subsequently split) multiple times with the band splitting into two both called Badfinger and touring at the same time! 

Viva Machine originally started out in 2003 under the name Ipsofacto before changing their name and reinventing themselves in 2006 under the name Viva Machine. Gaining some radio play on Radio 1 after the release of their first single My Jet Set Radio the band sat down to record their debut album with Richard Jackson, Duffy's producer, during 2007. However, the album was delayed for several months until 2009 with the band adding a second guitarist, Justin Hendy, in the mean time. While Viva Machine's debut album got positive reviews from music critics it wasn't as commercially successful as the band would have hoped leading to them going on indefinite hiatus in 2009. We are still waiting to see if the Viva Machine boys will be back again!

The Storys formed way back in 2003 drawing a deep influence from 1970s U.S. West Coast bands in the country-rock genres and quickly gain support on the local underground circuit. Their first major gig was to over 70,000 people at The Olympic Torch Concert outside Buckingham Palace, and was followed by a support slot with Tom Jones and a series of gigs in venues such as Bush Hall and The Borderline. The band also supported Elton John on two European tours. The first full album The Town Beyond The Trees peaked at 175 in the UK album charts in 2008 - tipped for the top we are all waiting for more from The Storys!

Rebecca Onslow (Solid HarmoniE) sold over 1 million records as part of the four piece girl band Solid HarmoniE, also known as SHE, before the band disbanded in 1999. The moderate international success was highlighted by their 1997 self title debut album reaching number 1 in the Danish charts and being certified gold. Managed by Lou Pearlman who had earlier created boybands N Sync and Backstreet Boys SHE never reached the same level of fame disbanding due to contractual reasons with only three top twenty UK singles to their name. Nonetheless, Swansea's Rebecca Onslow's vocals really stood out from the rest of the band and she can perhaps claim to be Swansea's top female pop singer!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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